Inner Queenly

“Inner Queenly”


The Black Women is the most disrespected group on the Earth, the least sought out, the least protected, while their resilience, struggle, style, sense of fashion, features are copied and exploited.
Without the Black Women there wouldn’t be no civilization, no family, and no
humanity. We are quick to disrespect our queens but quick to ignore the
disrespect of white supremacy towards us, the collective. We need to do better for our queens,since they have always been with us no matter what, standing in the face of the oppressors, liberating through underground railroads, feeding the people that needs to be fed, refusing to give up their seat to prejudice and racism, and many more actions. I created this piece what all of this in mind. Many Black Women, due to white supremacy and patriarchy have had to suppress their queen-like qualities for centuries and still they rise…

Inkscape 0.48


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