“Ankh Tetris” PVS print


Ankh: an object or design resembling a cross but having a loop instead of the top arm, used in Kemet as a symbol of life…what does that have to do with tetris? I don’t even know where the idea came from but I am glad it came. Maybe I should return to mixing elements that are so unrelated in order to create something new. Drawing “normal” stuff has become boring…

After the longest time I was able to print my artwork on a Polyvinyl S (PVS) surface. Last time I had done such was probably around 3 years ago for an Art exhibition in which I could not create the time to go and pick my artwork back from the gallery so I lost it. Anyways, I created a GoFundMe account in order to reach out for support in order to print my illustrations on such costly materials. I want to thanks everyone that has supported me. I was able to print 4 of these gems and add them to my shop. They look so vibrant and colorful in person.

Here is a link to my shop: http://webuyblack.com/ixnivek

And if you want to support me here is my GoFundMe account: https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/kevins-art-fund-for-large-prints

Stay tuned for more!

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