Kemetic Energy


The solar light made me glow all night
Become one with me, inwardly
Take these limbs off of me
Like a winter tree, flesh leaves
Shedding the body of his leaves like a breeze

Buzzing like a bee
Infinity, my center being
Divinity, I inner breathe
Higher awareness, higher of self bliss
A ball of energy pulling the chi from my pelvis
To believe to be free and careless
’till out of my body, the shell lift
Warm, calm, gone, psalms
Inner prayers to find my inward stairs
The center chair is just there
Nothing compares, how one become pairs
Back to one into layers, becomes clear

I’m not dead, but not alive
Only inside, the inner vibes
Snow leopard creeps upon me
But my surrounding changes to palm trees
The praying mantis, enchanting
With a swaying standing, advancement
My head turns seven directions at once
But I’m still staring at the front
A journey to the shortest distance
Sort of like a resistance

As the rigor mortis stiffens, the coffin’s risen
Absorb and listen, I’m orbiting, I glisten
From wisdom I’m given, all in my system
Till it comes out of me like a prism
I’m fringing, cringing, looking for that emblem
Staring into the darkness inside myself
Cosmic calling for someone else
But the voice just echoes, echoes, echoes, echoes
Finally my soul let goes
No more depressed soul
Looking down a threshold
My heart begins to beating, I start believing
I start breathing
The art I’m conceiving from a dark region
No more pyramids, but these are clyramids
Changing to pyramids, this is my puramid…………

Rest of the song on the link below.

Killah Priest -Clyramids




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