Month: March 2016

31 de mayo (26 years)

31 de mayo

Two flowers that united more than two decades ago.  Today that union is still strong like the base of a mountain.  Happy 26th anniversary of marriage for my parents.  This drawing was done as a present for their 22nd anniversary so it is a throwback.  I promised my mother that I was going to create a new drawing.  I’ve been using the same one on congratulation posts since 2012.

Inkscape 0.48 as usual.




Dogon Spirit

ds - dogon spirit

A representation of the Dogon Tribe…the descendants of Ancient Egyptians established in Mali…through Dogon masks, symbols and colors.

The Dogon people possess advanced astronomical knowledge, being able to identify stars, natural satellites, rings of planets and many other elements of the vast space with their naked eye.

Inkscape 0.48


Back to life..

After many hours, days, months and years (actually 2 years) without updating my blog, well here I am back at it. My blog was actually dead for a long period of time, but after journeying to find the dragon balls and locating them, I granted Shen-Long the wish to revive my blog.  Don’t remember the actual reason why I stop using but hey! I have returned!  These 2 years I haven’t updated this blog is actually my most flourishing, most efficacious and most moneymaking when it comes to create and sell my artwork. To the living souls that are still following me I will start to post again my artwork, works in progress, and maybe some sources of my inspiration. Stay tuned, stay fresh y’all.